About Us

Our Mission

Connect worthy businesses together without ads; Make business more pleasant and affordable for all. Read more >

Our Value Proposition

US-based B2B service companies waste over $112B and 2.3B hours every year on ads, marketing and consulting in the hopes of being engaged as service vendors. This waste comes in the forms of ads that aren’t seen, aren’t consumed by the right audiences and are outright blocked/trashed by design.

Who has $112B to light on fire?!

Beaze eliminates the waste by matching service providers with customers faster, cheaper and with greater privacy than any other vendor procurement platform or performance ad system.

As a provider, you’ll love us because you’ll get:

– Contracts, not clicks: Connect with pre-qualified customers on a mutually agreed upon project scope. No more complex metrics that require a PhD to understand.

– Setup in minutes: There are no heavy integrations, technical deployments or skilled knowledge to get started. Just answer a few basic questions and you’re ready to go!

– Competitive intelligence: Even when a lead is lost, you can find out about why the other vendor won and to improve your sales approach.

As a customer, you’ll love us because you’ll get:

– Better, more qualified matches: Our patent-pending technology will match you at lighting speeds with vendors who are available, competent and at your desired price point.

– Superior privacy: No more unwanted spam or solicitation. Your contact info and identity will remain private until you find a suitable vendor of your choosing.

– Control over your contracts: You won’t be stuck with anyone else’s fine print or escrow policy.

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