Startup Mode Requires Fists of Fury

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“Confessions of CEOs” is a series on how business owners are changing the service landscape. Today, we’re chatting with Raise Your Media, a digital marketing agency that focuses on brands. This diverse power couple, Dominika and Marcus Thompson, discuss survival tactics when pursuing your own startup.

Dominika and Marcus Thompson of Raise Your Media. Beaze, a B2B vendor procurement marketplace.

Left to Right: Dominika and Marcus Thompson of Raise Your Media. Photo Credit: Beaze

So, Why Raise your Media?  

Dominika: A while back, my sisters and I were already involved in the media production, sales and marketing of several theatre and dance projects in Poland, Israel and Japan. Earlier in my career, I was in marketing, sales, and management for consumer goods. I specialized in working with small businesses developing relationships and making sure that marketing solutions worked on the retail customer level. Starting a small business-oriented marketing agency was a natural progression for us. 

Marcus: I had many jobs in the customer service industry, from restaurants to retail to real estate. The one thing they had in common was the relationship with the customer. It’s so humbling and yet rewarding to have clients ask for me by name. It’s been an absolute joy connecting with people whether it was interviewing celebrity chefs or attending premier events with clients. I decided a long time ago that working my life away for someone else wasn’t going to cut it anymore. So far, I’ve met all kinds of entrepreneurs with dreams and ambitions beyond my wildest imagination and I find myself equally inspired to reach for the sky. I was already doing the leg work, why not me too?

Who inspires you?  

Dominika: My father is my inspiration. He was a business owner during my childhood and always involved my sister and I. Seeing how that business was a part of the community it spurred me to one day start a business of my own. He allowed me to sell cherries when I was 7 years old and that taught me how to earn money at a young age.

Marcus: Bruce Lee. His desire to leave a legacy and pursuit of perfection inspired him to overcome his limitations daily. He never compromised in the face of discrimination and achieved his dreams/goals one step at a time. Being a minority growing up in the South, I’ve faced my share of discrimination. Knowing what Bruce overcame inspires me to take on all kinds of challenges.

Fist of Fury. Beaze, a B2B vendor procurement marketplace.
Fist of Fury, featuring Bruce Lee. Photo Credit: Golden Harvest

How did you survive the startup phase?

Dominika: When we first started, we were the cliché struggling start-up. We had to get our foot in the door by doing free social media content and management of social media accounts. This stage of our business didn’t produce much revenue; to pay the team and bills, Marcus worked as a real estate agent and other jobs on the side. Now those clients that we did free work for have been our loyal customers with monthly retainers; they’ve also recommended new customers to us. It only took that initial investment on our part, but the payout was worth it.  

Marcus: While first impressions are essential, don’t judge a book by its cover. When people first met Dominika, they greatly underestimated her abilities. People said things like, “What would a person from Poland know about marketing in America.” She understood their apprehensiveness and proceeded to blow them away with her knowledge and experience. She had answers for questions they were going to ask and issues they didn’t know they would ask. She proves doubters wrong all the time. Being confident and doing the prep can go a long way.  

What is your secret to success? 

Marcus: Under-promise and over-deliver. Always put value first, even in small instances, like making your client laugh during a meeting when they’re not having the best day. It all counts and plays a tremendous role in creating a customer journey. 

Dominika: Be genuine about who you are and what your business has to offer because trust is the foundation of a great business relationship. The market grows fast and is extremely competitive. In order to stay successful, you have to constantly invest in your knowledge. 

Any tips for businesses that are looking to market themselves better? 

Dominika: Make your content count; get up-close and personal. For example, a bakery can share photos of their cakes, but after a while, the content gets stale. When you have the sous chef take video and pictures of what it’s like in the bakery and the process, it tells a story about the bakery that illustrates the team dynamics and who they are. This makes for a more organic story, and it’s what people like to hear and see. By creating content revealing who they are it creates a face of the business and can be relatable to everyone. Don’t get caught up in counting your likes on social media platform. You can get that by engaging your team and getting everyone involved. 

At the end of the day, what do you hope for Raise Your Media to achieve? 

Dominika:  I want to help other companies to elevate their brands in a disruptive way, no matter the clients’ budget. 

Marcus: I want us to be a media company for the people. We want to be world-renowned for still being down-to-earth and approachable to any business, big or small.

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  1. Good read! Simple and honest story. With no fireworks and with no shortcuts. On the other hand, another example of building a successful business by engagement and hard work. Thanks for sharing this story! And by the ways, congratulations!

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